Elektra CBD Hemp Flower
Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

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  • CBD in its natural form, plant buds
  • No pesticides, fertilizers, or sprays
  • Less than .3 percent THC
  • Various strains for different flavors
  • No Marijuana Smell!


Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

Elektra CBD Hemp Flower is an all-natural form of the substance, allowing users to smoke hemp buds that are rich in CBD. Much like cannabis strains, these flowers have a strong scent and provide smokers with a flavorful smoking experience that is often described as earthy and fruity. If someone prefers the traditional smoking experience that other CBD products can’t provide, the Elektra CBD Hemp Flower is the perfect product for those individuals.


  • Strong aroma and flavorful buds
  • Rich in CBD and terpenes
  • Easy to break down and smoke in any traditional smoking tools
  • Well-trimmed flowers that are moist and properly maintained

Use and Absorption

To begin using your Elektra CBD Hemp Flowers, simply grind down your CBD flowers into small nuggets and put them into your desired smoking tool. If you are using a pipe, a bong, or cigarette or cigar filters, light them up with a lighter and begin smoking. If you are using a dry herb vape, turn on your vaporizer device until your herbs are properly heated and start inhaling the vapors.


The only ingredient in the Elektra CBD Hemp Flower is the flower itself. According to sources, the number of cannabinoids found in this flower are as follows:

  • CBCA: .97%
  • CBD: .70%
  • CBDA: 15.91%
  • CBGA: .78%
  • D9-THC: .15%
  • THCA: .53%